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Inspired by this, I'm looking for more interesting coffee/latte recipes.
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You didn't specify whether alcohol was fine, but here's a good basic recipe for Irish Coffee from Williams-Sonoma. Similarly, their Holiday Coffee with Spiced Whipped Cream is scrumptous as well.
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This Cafe Mocha Latte recipe sounds great. The 11 rave reviews below the recipe all sound promising too.
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One of my favorites is a Cafe Borgia:

Use a 10-12 oz. cup for cappucino strength (my choice), or a 16 oz for more milk, latte style. Steam milk, pour over chocolate syrup (amount to taste) in pre-heated cup. Stir. Pull a double shot over fresh organic orange zest- A couple scrapes should suffice. pour your shot into hot chocolate milk in cup, top with foam and freshly grated nutmeg.

For more orangey goodness, you can rub the rim of the cup with an orange wedge or sqeeze some juice into the drink. It's also best if you DON'T use hershey's syrup. I usually make syrup by grating some nice bittersweet chocolate and liqufying with hot milk or water. It's a pain in the ass, though. But worth it.
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Because it won't be winter forever, I offer Coffee Granita:

5 parts extremely strong coffee or decaf
3 parts sugar

Stir the sugar into warm coffee to dissolve. Put mixture in the freezer in a metal bowl or pan. Every half hour or so, stir with a fork.

At first it will just freeze at the edges; later, use the fork to scrape the frozen liquid into icy particles. The whole freezing process takes about 3 hours for 40 oz of coffee in a large bowl. You can speed it up by setting your bowl of coffee mixture in a larger bowl of iced water before putting it into the freezer.

Serve by itself or with whipped cream, in a bowl, a glass, or a coffee cup.

That's my recipe, and there are lots of others on line with nice variations.
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espresso martini:

1 shot espresso
1 shot chocolate liqueur
2 shots vodka

and other, less nuts-and-bolts variations.
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I always enjoy the simple additions: a splash of quality vanilla or maple syrup. And I've tossed whole almonds in the milk before I steam it, and wouldn'tchaknowit, it makes for a delicate almond flavour.
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