iPhone app for tracking daily scores/ranks?
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I am looking for an iPhone tracking app that lets me enter a score or rank for each day in a category.

For instance, if I'm tracking how energetic I feel each day, the app would let me input a score for each day from 1-10 or whatever range and be able to show me graphs and trends. All the apps I can find for tracking are habit trackers that are generally yes/no for each day. Does what I want exist on iPhone?
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You could roll your own using Apple's Numbers app, or the iOS version of Excel. Also, try searching in the App Store using the term "quantified self". I don't have any personal experience with these apps but a few of the better rated ones look like they might fit the bill.
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The app I use for this is by Lumen Spark; I'm pretty sure I installed it as Lumen Trails, but it's gone through some changes in the last couple of years and seems to be called Daily Tracker now. It's very flexible. You can track all sorts of things - there are built-in templates, or you can roll your own, including doing exactly what you describe (setting a numeric range and inputting a value from it every day). Numeric trackers have graphs showing weekly averages over the calendar year - or a running total if you prefer - and daily scores over the individual months.
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I used Optimism for this a few years ago, which checks all your boxes, but the app appears to be discontinued. Here are some alternatives to that app that might be interesting.
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There is an app called Track'n'Share (or possibly Track and Share) that is exactly what you need. You can set up trackers and assign different scales for them - yes/no, a specific number, an emoji, a choice on a scale from "none" to "lots", etc. You can color code and group and make reports to see your trends. It is fantastic. I think I paid a few bucks for a pro version and it was very worth it.
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Nthing Daily Tracker. It's very flexible and has reasonable graphs/analysis.
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