Free Meeting Spaces in Toronto
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I am looking for quiet, free, public or publicish places in Toronto to meet with 2-15 other people for talks. Do you know of any?

I am involved in a few activities where it'd be really nice to be able to reserve a free, quiet place to get a small or medium group together in a place that is not one of our houses for a couple hours and be able to hear each other speak or present. Bars/restaurants with reservable rooms are fine (and are our current solution), though we're very interested in spaces where no one needs to buy anything for us to be there. We've checked library rooms, but the ones we can reserve ahead of time have associated (reasonable) fees. What am I missing? Are there rooms in community centres or schools or universities that we're missing? Any specific teahouses or restaurants? Government buildings? Friendly communal living areas?

These spaces would be especially magical if they were TTC accessible and maybe downtown or west of High Park.
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Toronto Public Library - Runnymede branch?

I know it's not free, but the reasonable fee that you mention will help support an amazing community space. Rent and operating costs are NOT free. I empathize and know how challenging it can be to find places who willingly donate space to a group. They have to carry that cost.
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The TDSB has permits for spaces - not free but pretty low cost. That might be another option. Same with community centres - just search for permits.
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You may have to be a bit more formally organized than you currently are (although I don't know anything about your group's status) but non-profit and charitable groups can book rooms in Toronto's various civic centres. Here's the page for Metro Hall, for example
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Thanks for the suggestions. We are still looking, if anyone happens across this and has an idea.
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