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We’ll be in New York at the end of the month and I’m looking for recommendations for immersive theater—along the lines of “Sleep No More,” “Then She Fell,” and “The Grand Paradise.” Performances where the action is happening around you, where there isn't necessarily a linear story, where you are generally free to explore, and where your experience will likely be different from someone else attending the same performance. I’m seeing several options, but which are “immersive” in the same way those are? (“Seeing You” looked like it would have scratched that itch, too.)
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Ghost Light is the new show by the company that made "Then She Fell." I've heard it's great.
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I can highly recommend Ghost Light but unfortunately it's already closed.
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Seeing You was not great. One or two well designed scenes, but otherwise heavy-handed and lacking a center to the action. Wouldn't recommend if you've got other theater options you'd like to check out.

Great Comet and Sweeney Todd have innovative staging such that performers are around you and singing behind you, dancing next to you, seated next to you while they do their part of the show. Would recommend both of those if you can get tickets, GC is closing in early September in case you're interested.
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I saw Ghost Light - it was awesome.

Paradiso Escape is on my radar.
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