How do I access the screws on this Toto toilet seat?
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Toto toilet seat is loose. Need to access the screws to tighten it up. There appear to be plastic tabs covering where I need to get to. How do I remove these tabs without breaking them? Here are two pictures: Toto Toilet Seat pics
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You flip those little covers with a flat screwdriver. Take your Time and you'll see how they work. I would start by trying a bit of prying on that little side tab.
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On second look, no. You can see where you pry at the slight recess on the top. The side tabs are most likely a hinge.
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Be aware that most toilet seats I've installed over the last 10 years have two parts. Under that tab you're likely to find what looks like the top of a giant plastic bolt (because that's basically what it is) with a slot for a screwdriver to turn it. Below the back of the bowl where the tabs connect you'll likely also find giant plastic nuts on the bottom of those bolts. Turning the nuts may tighten it up just fine, but you may also need to hold the nut immobile while you're turning the bolt thingy so that the threads turn relative to each other, or you can be turning for a long time with no results.
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Agreed that the "outboard" side is likely the hinge, and at the "inboard" side on each cover, you can see in the first image a slight notch, or widening of the gap. That is where to pry gently with a screwdriver.
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Success! They come off via the little recess on top as suggested. They come open rather easily. The tab on the side is indeed the hinge. Held the nut on the bottom as I tightened the screws. Good to go! Thanks everyone.
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