Other virtual turntabling sites?
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I'm totally geeking on today's Google Doodle. Alas, I have no DJing equipment—where else can I do turntablism online?
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It's an application instead of online, but the classic software to do this is djay.
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Again, an application not a browser thing, but Traktor DJ is a very versatile package, and available for iOS. It uses tracks of your choice from your mp3 library, there are loads of FX, you can drop in cue-points and create loops etc. It's not as 'out-the-box' easy to use as that google doodle; although it has 'sync' mode, it can't always recognise the BPMS or down-beats of the tracks you load, and needs you to help point out where they are. Many professional DJs use the very same software package, albeit often controlling the track transport using a physical (non-screen) interface or controller (turntables, CDJs, midi-controllers), since it eliminates the need to carry records / CDs around, can save lots of loop-points and DJ-sets that you've constructed, and functions as a fully-integrated FX unit and mixer (although many DJs also prefer to use a physical crossfaders instead of its touch-screen crossfade).
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