Streaming service directory?
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Does a site or app exist where I could type in the name of a TV show and it will tell me what streaming services (if any) its available on?

When we first got Netflix it had all my favourite TV shows on it (most I already own on DVD but it was worth the small monthly cost for the convenience), now they're moving towards original content, all my shows have gone.
I'm in the UK so it would have to be UK specific or allow an option to specify region. Also, bonus points for including Sky Box Sets as we also have a sky subscription
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My Roku and Tivo both do this. I just search for the show, and it presents me the options (Amazon, Hulu, etc.) regardless of whether I've paid for the service or not. That doesn't help you directly, but indicates that this service must exist separate of that hardware ...
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CineSift does movies, not TV shows, but allows searching by Netflix region.
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Best answer: I checked the sites I use for this, and they seem to be US specific, but it looks like this is the UK equivalent.
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Best answer: JustWatch has a UK-specific site. It tends to work well (although not perfectly) when it comes to searching (I have found it misses some things). There's also an app.
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Response by poster: Looks like none of my shows are available on subscription :( I shall have to use DVDs like some sort of caveman
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Seconding CanIStream.It, but no idea if it applies outside of the US.
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The NYTimes just launched an awesome site called Watching that does this. Not sure about the regions though.
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Yidio also lets you know what streaming platform movies/tv are on.
It might be worthy as a bookmark in case they do expand to the UK listings
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