First rate, hard rock, not English
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Tankcsapda is (a) a first rate - high-charting, award-winning - hard rock / metal band, (b) who sing in their home language (not English), and at least partly as a result of (b), they are (c) scarcely known at all outside their immediate region. What other bands fit the same description?

Die Ärzte is another pretty good example although they are more widely known since the German-speaking world is a bit larger.
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Tang Dynasty. Admittedly "their region" is China, which is pretty large.

There's tons of great Chinese rock music, although honestly I'm a little out of date on things now. The wikipedia entry is a good starting point. Because I am an Old, Cui Jian will always be my favorite - he occupies a position in my heart similar to the Clash due to shared sincerity and good values, also due to interest in experimenting with other forms.
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Dunderbiest out of Norway. They have a number of non-English albums. I freakin' love them. My favorite album is their self-titled one.
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Alien Weaponry are a 3-piece, teenage thrash metal band from Waipu, New Zealand, who sing in te reo Maori and won the Pacifica Beats award earlier this year. Their single, Rū Ana Te Whenua, about an ancestor who died at the Battle of Gate Pa, charted in New Zealand last month. They have 4 other singles so far, despite having an average age of 15.
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Maybe Kvelertak meets your needs?
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How about Yery Band - Romeo Mannequin? Epic music video, too.

And Jambinai - traditional Korean instruments + rock + prog + ?? Layers of darkness and building tension.
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A few months ago, I purchased a few albums by Nine Treasures, a Mongolian metal band. I swear I got the music from bandcamp but their page there has been taken down or otherwise isn't working for me at the moment. They're also on YouTube and MySpace.
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Leningrad perhaps?
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Mexico's El Tri, although they're more blues-rock than metal, and they do have a sizable audience in the US, owing to the number of Latinx here.
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You may already be familiar with Eisbrecher. This is one of their more heavy tracks from their latest, and possibly heaviest, album.
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