Autism services for Adults Cradle to grave?
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Can anyone offer resources to compare which states are the most accommodating for cradle to grave services for non verbal adults (age 24) with autism?

My wife and I have a new addition to our family - our 24 year old nephew who is non verbal with autism whose mother passed away a year ago. We currently live in Arizona and the services that he gets are quite decent. He has habilitation/respite hours available, music therapy, medical etc. He also has SSI from the federal government.

We are looking to move back to the east coast however we are finding it difficult to determine which states offer equivalent services. Does anyone have any guidance on authoritative resources for this information? My wife worries we could move to another state that offers less services and it would diminish his quality of life.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question. But what came to mind was that I knew a wonderful person who worked with adults with autism, and this is the place where he worked, in New York. Perhaps it could be a place to seek out information.
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I found this website which may be of help. It lets you compare services for those with developmental disabilities in up to 4 states on a variety of criteria.
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