Epromos any good? Need custom poker cards
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Custom playing cards?

Custom playing cards?

I want to order some custom poker cards decks. No graphics, just text. Has anyone used epromos.com? They have good prices but I thought I'd check here first.

Alternatively, have you ordered custom playing cards elsewhere? Any vendors you'd recommend? What did you end up paying? Was it decent quality?

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I have no experience with them, but do have experience with makeplayingcards.com making a deck with moderately fancy graphics on the front and back. It was a smooth experience and the cards look professional.
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I've used PrintersStudio for completely custom cards, and been very pleased, although they do a while to ship from China.

I know ArtsCow often runs promo and/or affiliate deals -- it'd be worth searching the BGG forums to see if anyone's got a discount code available.
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I've used makeplayingcards.com for my wedding gifts to my attendees. They were 7.80/set for these :
(330gsm (Superior Smooth)) Jumbo Index Cards - Poker Size Playing Cards

I thought they were fairly good playing cards. They're not quite as thick as bicycle, but they're definitely smooth and will last several rounds of poker at my house.

I would consider doing it again if I really wanted a custom set, but I could probably get bicycle at half price (maybe).
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It seems like all the DIY board game designers I know use ArtsCow.
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I use The Game Crafter for my prototypes (working on one right now). Quality is OK.
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