Recommend me a fragrance-free volumising shampoo
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Recommend me a fragrance-free volumising shampoo.

Must be:

1. Completely fragrance free (it is for someone who comes out in severe dermatitis from fragrance, even really subtle barely-smellable fragrance.)

Available to buy in Australia (ordering online is okay, as long as the store ships to Australia.)
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Maybe this Nurture my Body shampoo? They ship worldwide.
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I think you may have hit a trifecta of unicorns.

1 - It is surprisingly difficult to find a truly fragrance-free shampoo to begin with, especially if the "natural plant extracts" are a problem. They are for me. So anything that calls itself "Natural" is just right out.

2 - volumising/volumizing. Frag-free volumizing shampoos seem to exist, but the reviews are not encouraging.

3 - Ships to Australia. This is the big one. None of the products I can find are able to be shipped there. Vanicream's Free and Clear line. Cleure. DHS clear shampoo. NonScents.

I find it hard to find any shampoo that doesn't contain a known problem ingredient for me, but at least I don't have to do it from Australia. I'm so sorry that I couldn't be more help.

Be on the lookout for Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate as an ingredient. Manufacturers have been using it to replace parabens. It might be an issue for you. It is a preservative, but it has a distinctive light almost rose floral scent to it and makes me itch like mad.

If you don't have any issues with botanicals, and you can't find something similar locally, the one previously mentioned might be worth trying.
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Mayan Secret bentonite clay , add water until it is a loose gel, apply and comb through damp hair 5 minutes rinse well .
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If you are able to order from the US (such as Amazon), I like Free & Clear's shampoo, especially their dandruff version, which you can get from Amazon. It always leaves my fine hair much stronger and bouncier, with more noticeable volume.
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