Let's Call It the "Fandom Introduction" Genre of Podcasts
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I've found I enjoy a specific kind of podcast: a podcast where someone introduces someone else to a particular topic/fandom/TV show/etc. Can you recommend some podcasts in this genre?

I know and enjoy two podcasts that have this format. First is Pat Trek, in which there are two hosts, one of whom has never watched Star Trek, and the other of whom loves it. Each episode of the podcast involves them discussing an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Second is The Adventure Zone (from the My Brother, My Brother, and Me brothers), in which they all play D&D with their dad, but most of them have never roleplayed before. The introduction element of the show is a lot more significant to Pat Trek than The Adventure Zone, but I think what I enjoy so much is getting to experience people who aren't yet completely attached to a topic come to know it better. It's like you get to relive experiencing something for the first time, through them!

I'm guessing that other podcasts within the genre would likely gravitate towards geeky topics, like these two. (Oh man, if there were a Doctor Who one, I'd love that!) I'm interested in any you might be able to recommend, though!
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The Baby-Sitters Club Club is reading every BSC book; one of the hosts has never encountered them before. You can start from the beginning. I don't know what to say that won't make it sound dumb; it's amazing and hilarious and I so highly recommend it.
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Gimlet's Sampler isn't quite what you're talking about, but it might itself introduce you to some of these types of podcasts. Basically, hosts tell you about podcasts they like, and air a small sample of one of them.
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Analyze Phish is a pretty canonical example of this, and it's very funny, although I haven't been able to listen to it since the death of one of its hosts.

"Harris and Scott are comedians, music lovers, and friends. Where do they differ? Harris loves Phish, and Scott does not. On Analyze Phish, Harris navigates the vast landscape of Phish’s catalogue to find entry points for Scott while trying to explain the live Phish experience without the use of illegal substances."
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Why Are People Into That?! falls into this category for me. Each episode covers an aspect of human sexuality by interviewing somebody who is "into that".

The host Tina Horn is typically familiar with the subject matter to a varying extent but usually seems like she's learning things as well. Plus the conversations are often delightful.

Many of my favorite episodes are the ones where I'm not very familiar with and/or personally into the topic and the interviewee does such a great job of sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm that you just have to smile and cheer them on. Some examples:

* 2. Mollena Williams: Role Play (specifically the pony play discussion which is amazing)
* 38. Ela Darling: Virtual Reality
* 41. Abigail Greydanus: Latex
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Two guys: one who saw and is obsessed with the tv show SMASH. One who has not. They watch it together and kibitz. It may not be funny if you haven't seen the show but I found it delightful.
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Sounds like Pat Trek covers the same territory, with the same formula, as "Star Trek: The Next Conversation," hosted by Matt Mira (the megafan) and Andrew Secunda (the newb), both of whom are TV writers, and in addition to engaging the show as a viewer, they see it as a product of TV production, which adds an interesting angle. One episode per episode (incl. one episode of the podcast for a two-parter such as "Encounter at Farpoint,") and they just began season 2 in the last month. Weekly.

My good friends at the Longball Podcast Network make "9021-Oh No You Dinnit," which began as an attempt to introduce their 10-years-younger friend to the 1990s phenomenon that was Beverly Hills 90210. The younger friend dropped out after most of the first season for logistical reasons (moved halfway across the state), and so it carried on as a fan show.

Similarly, the Longball show "Buffy vs. Bauer" features two hosts who believe that they are fans of the superior show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or 24, and compare two randomly selected episodes head to head. The 24 Fan has never watched Buffy to any significant degree, and likewise the Buffy fan has not watched much 24 at all.
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I like April Richardson's very goofy Go Bayside!, about Saved By The Bell.
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Fire Talk With Me, in which cohost Allie Goertz knew so little about Twin Peaks that she didn't even get the reference in the title beforehand.
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So this isn't exactly the right answer, but the Dollop is a history podcast where one guy reads a story from history to his friend and they discuss it, but the friend has no idea what the topic is going to be about.

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I'll second Analyze Phish. Harris' (RIP) attempts to get Aukerman into the band Phish are hilarious. What I like about it is that it works whether you're a fan of the band or not, and neither of them take things very seriously. The Phish fan's backlash at Harris is also pretty funny. Aukerman really does go into it with an open mind but cannot seem to hide his open contempt for even the titles of most Phish songs.

It's just such a great, wonderful, funny podcast. Such a shame Harris is gone.
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I've been hosting and producing a podcast for a few years that is my cohost's journey through the entirety of Star Trek. We've done TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, and we're now on Voyager: Trekabout
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There are several that focus on Buffy, episode-by-episode.
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I feel like Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men fits here. Both hosts are experts but they're talking directly to Their Friends, The Listeners, they assume are not. It will give you the same kind of vibe. Also it's just great.
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This is a bit niche, but—Cabbages and Kings is a podcast made by a white guy who's well aware of his limitations, and wants to branch out beyond your standard quest fantasy books into more diverse speculative fiction: queer, POC, feminist, etc. To this end he invites various (queer, POC, feminist, etc.) guest co-hosts on for chats about what they've been reading. It's been terrific so far: highly recommended if you're a sff fan who wants to diversify their reading!
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