An evening flaneur in Toronto
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I'm in Toronto. I'd like to go on a walk tonight in a lively but not overwhelming neighborhood. Where should I go?

I'm here solo. About to get some food and then want to go on a wander say until about 10 pm somewhere in the city. I'm looking for some recommendations for streets/areas that have a decent amount of pedestrian life in the evening, but are not overly packed. (If you know NYC, I'm thinking a vibe more like Court St in Park Slope or the West Village, vs. Times Square.)

It's not my first time here, and I've been walking a bit, but it's hard to know which streets maintain their vibrancy into the evening vs. which ones get really quiet. I'm mostly just trying to go for a nice walk in a neighborhood somewhere where people are going about their daily life!

I may get a beer or something but I don't have any specific commercial needs. Just visual stimulation!
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Parkdale is probably your best bet. Roncesvalles to Queen or King, Dufferin to Queen or King, that kind of area.

Toronto's biggest flaneur is Shawn Micallef. He literally wrote the book on walking in Toronto. Have a scroll through some of his photos on his Twitter feed and see if anything resonates for you, perhaps.
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might be too late, but college from bathurst is good for this, as is bloor west village, near runnymede station.
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So funny. When I was at U of T in the 80s the last place I would go for an evening walk would be in the Parkdale area. But I was there recently. If you're wondering what Queen St W from University to Palmerston or so was like in the 80s, it's like Queen is now around Ossington - Dufferin, just like monkeymonkey says.
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