Suggestions for Montreal dining
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We're going to be spending a few days in Montreal in August, and I'm hoping to get your recommendations for local dining.

The previous AskMe's on Montreal give great ideas about things to do and see, but are short on food recommendations so I thought I'd post a new question. We're going to be staying here, near Concordia University and what appears to be called the Golden Square Mile, but we'd be grateful for any and all of your favorite culinary tips, especially if they're near attractions. We have fairly sophisticated palettes, are adventurous, enjoy "local color," and don't have any dietary restrictions.
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Response by poster: I would also welcome suggestions for anything special that might be happening August 13-15.
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It's the city's 375th
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I really liked le fantôme, on William.
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Café Parvis is a beautiful and tasty place for lunch.
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If you are up for hole in the wall spots, you should eat delicious dumplings at Qing Hua on Lincoln.
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Au Pied de Cochon is a must if you like meat.
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Being at that location puts you near a massive cornucopia of choices. You're next door to Kafein and around the corner from everything from Nilufar to (as someone else mentioned Qing Hua Dumpling to Kazu to Ferrari to the original Boustan. Look on Google Maps. Every second entry is a resto.

However, and I don't mean to be a downer, that block of Bishop is under heavy construction. The city is putting in an air shaft for the nearby metro station and a lot of the establishments on that specific block may be closed or closing. Expect to step around construction barriers as you walk up from Ste-Catherine.
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Here are 3 I like. These are on the upscale side.
Bouillon Bilk: Modern gastronomy at its finest
L'Express: Classic French Bistro
Maison Publique: Interesting and delicious
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Everyone recommended Au Pied de Cochon, but getting a reservation was very difficult when I called a week ahead. No help unless you spoke French, which I do a little, but not enough to negotiate on a noisy phone line. Our B&B host called for us, but by then they didn't have any tables for several days. The restaurant called back the next day offering an 11 p.m. seating (yes, one hour to midnight) which we declined. So make your reservation early, is what I'm saying.
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The Montreal section of Eater is not bad at all. Their hot restos map tends to be spot-on.

I like Maison Publique, Agrikol, Manitoba and Larry's a lot. They are fun but not mind blowing :)

Pied du Cochon leaves a couple of tables for walk-ins - arrive early!
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I love L'Express! It feels so quaint and old world. If there are no tables, you can always squeeze in at the bar to eat and the nicest bartender in the world (who looks to be around 75) will take good care of you.
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Metafilter meetup!
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So many good suggestions above, and I echo the Eater list as a good place to start.

I'm chiming in for two places: Cadet, which I believe is related to Bouillon Bilk but is more casual and less expensive. There are very few restaurants I've been to two or three times here, but this is among them. Creative, shareable plates and terrific service.

Also, Libertine Bakehouse has really impressed. In a city with a lot of very good pastry options, this stands out as creative and adventurous. (They offer lunch, but I'm more familiar with their pastry.) You're unlikely to find, say, a plain croissant. You're more likely to find a strawberry tartelette with mango curd and basil cream. That's just an example; check out the Instagram feed for more. It's near the Atwater market (off the Lionel Groulx metro stop), so it can be combined with a trip there.

Non-food tip: Habitat 67 is doing guided tours, something they've only started this summer in connection with the 50th anniversary of Expo 67. It's a really interesting tour if you're into architecture or urban planning. It seems the only tours those days are in French, but if you're interested I wouldn't let that put you off. It's a rare look inside and you can visit a separate exhibit beforehand to get some context. (That exhibit appears to end 13 August.)
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+1 for L'Express.

For options near your place:

You're staying across the street from my college haunt, McKibbin's, and it's pretty great for a quick pub lunch. The poutine, with curry sauce and chicken, is totally unauthentic and totally delicious.

Around the block, on Mackay, is Cafe Myriade, which was the best coffee in that part of town circa 2010. They have a few now but this is the original.

A block away is Boustan, a hole in the wall Lebanese (?) place that has been voted Best of Montreal forever and always. So, so good.

And up the street is Burritoville, a hippie vegetarian spot with great quesadillas.

The neighbourhood is also now filled with chain restaurants, but there's really no reason to eat at any of them. And for the love of god, do not go to Sports Station.
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Re. the comment about Au Pied de Cochon - you can make a reservation online. Also they have a number of walk-in tables / seats at the bar, especially if you go early - I've had pretty good luck at 5pm.
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Another small place near you, Thali, has delicious Indian food in big servings.

Burritoville closed up shop unfortunately.
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In the Gay Village area, we really liked Dagon, a Burmese restaurant--great (cheap) food and gracious service. In that area through the summer is Aires Libres, a festive way to check out a lot of outdoor art in a lively part of town.

Mamie Clafoutis is a great patisserie with multiple locations throughout Montreal; I especially liked the pistachio and chocolate croissants and the blue cheese and walnut ficelle (a cross between a breadstick and a baguette). Also, they sell reasonably priced coffee beans and salted caramel sauce, both of which were very good.
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On a recent trip we really enjoyed the tasting menu at Montréal Plaza. Outstanding service with fresh, well-prepared local food. It's located on a charming glass-covered outdoor mall.
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loooooooove eating in Montreal!

Au Pied de Cochon
Joe Beef (a little hard to get a reservation)
Le Vin Papillon (great natural wine!) / Liverpool House (both in Joe Beef family)
Schwartz's for smoked meat
St Viateur Bagel
Patisserie Rhubarbe
Atwater & Jean-Talon markets...get maple syrup in cans to bring home
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