What type of needlepoint stitch is this?
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I want to try to replicate this type of stitch, but unsure what kind it is!

I have basic needlepoint skills, but I was hoping to try out this stitch. It's of a supernova, and here is the backstory, if you're interested.

Specifically, I'm talking about each individual square. I'm looking for the name of this particular stitch, or if there is a site online that could teach me how to replicate it.

I found this list, but I'm just not sure!
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The instructions in your backstory link specify "USING A SCOTCH STITCH"
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Agree, Scotch Stitch
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As for replicating, it's a diagonal satin stitch, usually across 3-4 holes but you can make it as large as you like. (You can also reverse directions every other square, or color, which gives an interesting texture.) Your model appears 4 holes wide.
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If you've ever worked plastic canvas, this shows up there a lot, too.
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