Looking for a primary care doc in the NYC area
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I’d like to find a doctor who has the time to deal with complex, chronic, issues. It would be great if the doctor had the time to think about my health problems and make reasonable suggestions for the constellation of issues I’m dealing with.

Ideally, I’d find a doctor south of 34th St (Manhattan) and north of Prospect Park, but I’d travel further for the right doctor. Bonus points if they have experience with pain management, although that’s not essential since I can see a specialist for that kind of thing.

I’m on a PPO with good out of network coverage, so I’m not too worried about insurance issues.

If you recommend a doctor, please say why!

P.S. I’ve tried OneMedical, which comes highly recommended in my social circles. They’ve been great for routine problems, things like a bad stomach flu or allergies. It’s also nice that you can send messages online and appointments usually aren’t more than five or ten minutes late. But my doctor seems overscheduled and doesn’t have time to read my chart before appointments, which means that an appointment about any long-term issue is spent recounting my medical history, leaving no time for any non-superficial advice. There have also been a number of errors as a result of being too rushed, some more serious than others.
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In my experience a naturopath with an orientation towards western medicine can really scratch this itch.
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Note that naturopaths cannot prescribe or do labs in New York. OP is looking for a New York group that can deal with full primary care, actual medicine, and coordination.

OP - do you have one or two specialists in town you do work with well? I'd ask both them and their office staff if there are PCPs they know communicate well.

I'm in CT, so no specific recs, sorry.
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I just recommended my doctor of 15 years, Dr. Joseph DeVito at Murray Hill Medical Group, in another thread so I'll quote myself:

"Super-attentive, totally non-judgmental, and appointments are booked with plenty of time to talk if you want both during the exam and after. Every exam I've had there has ended with at least 10 minutes of discussion in his office."

I'll note that his staff is not as great and responsive as he his, but don't get discouraged! Once you're a patient you can use the MHMG online portal to schedule appointments, access lab results and medical records, etc.

He's definitely a "whole picture" doctor and has done a really good job evaluating my own personal constellation of health stuff. The practice is busy but there have been a few times over the years where I needed to see/talk to him THAT DAY and he's always been available and quite lovely about it.

MHMG is a huge practice and kind of a one-stop shop for all your medical needs, and I've only heard good things from folks who see other doctors there.
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Talk to the nurse about how to present your history as concisely and effectively as possible. Bring notes so you don't forget anything. If your symptoms persist and your treatment is not working, ask your doctor to refer you to someone who will have the time to look into the issues.

Be persistent. I had some unusual symptoms; my doctor sent me to a specialist, no results, then sent me to another specialist and I was tested for a long list of things. All negative - yay! but no treatment. Eventually, my doctor sent me to an out of state specialist and a treatment was finally found that was partially successful.

I would love to find a medical researcher who could help, but this doesn't seem to exist in a clinical setting. I still have poorly diagnosed health issues. The doctor who was most effective moved away. At this point, I get some symptoms treated, and live with the rest because persistence is tiring.
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I liked Larisa Litvenova http://litvinovamedical.com/ when I lived in Brooklyn.

She made time for questions, wasn't a jerk, took a very holistic approach. Her office was well managed and my appointments always started on time.
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