Establishing WA state residency headaches!
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I recently moved back to Seattle after 7 years away. I need to get a WA license and change my car's registration information from Virginia to Washington. However, establishing proof of residency here by the guidelines of the WA DOL is proving to be a headache. They don't appear to accept things like my lease agreement and the documents they do accept are things I don't have (I don't have any utility bills because my landlord is paying for that, my employer, The UW, doesn't offer physical paystubs or checks anymore (it's 2017, after all), etc.). [more inside]

I do have my old expired WA State drivers license - could I just try renewing that and leapfrog the whole process? Seems like they wouldn't like that since I lived out of state for a few years. I did also register to vote through the mail, but who knows how long it'll be before they send me any official mail. Quickest course of action? Washington requires I do all of this within 30 days of moving here, which leaves me with 3 weeks. Thanks!
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Usually even with digital stubs you can print a PDF with all the same information. I would check if that's an option in your employer's system
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Yes, you can print off paystubs through Workday. I've done this as a UW employee to document my income.
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2nding adiabat - print off your paystubs from Workday. Work with your administrator and ask her/him tons of questions. Have you gone through orientation? If so, reach out to HR...oops, the Integrated Service Center...and get further clarification. That's what they're there for!
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Response by poster: Oh, one potential problem is that the DOL website says they might not accept "computer printouts" as evidence. It's maddening.
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Really? From the region's LARGEST employer? I find that pretty difficult to believe - but it is the WSDOL. Sigh. Let me check on this for you. Feel free to MeMail me - I do this for fellows and residents.
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Best answer: I was pretty worked up over not having quite the right documents when I needed to prove WA residency to get my enhanced driver's license, and they didn't even look at half the ones I did bring. Print the pay stub from Workday and I am sure you'll be 100% fine.

They put that in there so they have some kind of leeway to make a judgment call if a document looks sketchy, I am sure. You will be fine.
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So, did you try to take those things in and you were denied? Or are you just going by what the website says?

If you have taken your documents in and have been denied, what did the clerk tell you were your options? If you haven't been denied, try calling the DMV and asking them if they'll accept what you have. If you can't get through on the phone (likely), it's worth a trip over to the DMV to get first hand information about what they'll accept. If you're lucky, you'll have everything you need and you'll get your license. If you're not lucky, they'll just tell you what you need and send you on your way and you'll have to go back.

Good luck!
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I am like 95% certain that I took printed paystubs with me to the DOL when I first moved to Seattle and it wasn't a problem.

Also, do you have a cell phone? Update your address on that account and a statement from there will work as a utility bill.
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A document from a public or private institution (hospital, college, Microsoft, etc.), or a government agency (Veteran’s Administration, corrections, local housing authority, etc.) that contains your current resident address
Print up a document on UW letterhead stating that "Holygrail2 resides in Washington State, at 12345 Avenue Street, Seattle, WA" and have your boss sign it?
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How about your new auto insurance policy showing your new address. With your printed out pay stub, it should do the trick.

(Here in Oregon, the local paper is mailed to me once a week and the DMV accepted that as one of my proofs. Small towns are amazing.)
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Best answer: The last time I got a WA license, I brought a random letter that had been sent to me, and they didn't actually bother to look at it. Unless you get the wrong person at the DOL, you should be ok with almost anything; if you get the wrong person, then you might be hosed no matter what you bring. Any of the suggestions above should work, based on my experience.
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Response by poster: Yep, they didn't even bother to look at a thing. Maybe they figured 3 hours sitting in the department of licensing was rigorous enough! Thanks everyone.
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