Interesting t-shirts for a full-grown woman?
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I recently started wearing t-shirts with stuff on them, but I'm having problems finding ones that fit. Do you know any shops on Etsy or the like who carry graphic shirts for tall women?

I love this shirt, for example, but the XL I ordered is a real boob-hugger and probably won't fit me after I toss it in the dryer. I know I can look at size charts -- I bought this shirt knowing it was slim, this is not the seller's fault -- but I don't want to look through every freaking store that sells shirts to see if any come in reasonable sizes.

I'm tall and have broad shoulders. I've never worn plus sizes (I'm a size 10T in jeans and dresses), so if that's the answer I'd appreciate a Plus Sizes 101 -- how do I make sure plus size shirts won't look like maternity tops on me, the way "unisex" shirts do?

I'm looking for shirts with outdoorsy themes, owls, camping, hiking, retro-ish designs, that sort of thing.
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Is there a reason you don't want to buy unisex/'men's' style shirts? They generally have broader shoulders and a less slim fit.
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In my experience it's getting to know the fit of various T Shirt manufacturers on your body (trial and error). I'm a Women's 2X in some concert shirts I have in my closet. (And I'm a M or L in "unisex"). American Apparel women's sizing, for example, is right out.
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District's DM t-shirts—the DM108 and DM104L—are similar in quality to the American Apparel-style garments that dominate the graphic tee market while also being somewhat truer to size on the women's side. They also go up to 4XL, though not all shirt printers/retailers will buy up to that size.
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I have several Large Girly tees from Threadless. I'm 6' and I weigh around 150, 155.
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I am 6', female, broad shouldered, busty, but narrow otherwise. I like STUUUPPPID graphic shirts. I am about a size 8. I guess? Depends on the brand. I do not like to feel like I am wearing plus or maternity because I am very vain and I spend all my time around tiny, tiny people (aka pastry chefs). I buy a lot of Wildfox because the fit is nice and they hold up well in the wash. I have never thrown away a WildFox shirt in five years (and counting) unless I stopped liking the graphic. Sometimes I buy Obey men's medium or women's large/xl. Sometime Adidas women's L. Also lots of mens shirts with v-necks. American Apparel is OK. I have found almost nothing via Etsy etc that flatters me/fits/lasts after wash. However, I have some nice artists shirts from Redbubble that don't suck. Again, mens v-neck for the win. Hell, I liked the shirts from Redbubble enough that when I wanted to make a shirt with my own graphic, I used them for it. Generally, a men's V neck shirt will accommodate shoulders, the neck flatters breasts and the sleeves won't make you feel like a big man in a little jacket. Seriously I feel your pain.
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Eddie Bauer has tall sizes. I don't think they have much in the way of graphics, but I suppose you could get a blank t-shirt and put whatever you want on it.
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> Is there a reason you don't want to buy unisex/'men's' style shirts? They generally have broader shoulders and a less slim fit

They're usually too tight around the boobs or too loose around the stomach, and have an unflatteringly high neckline.
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