Removing sources in Google News
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I am getting news articles on my google news page that are, frankly, homophobic and transphobic. I can't see a way to block these news sources from my Google News page, is there any way to do that? These are not "right of center but mainstream" news sources like WSJ. They're more like Brietbart and Christian Broadcasting News. I suppose it's possible that because I have "religion" as a header for one of my interest areas, they're feeding me what I consider to be extreme religious "news". I did search Askme and it seems like answers to blocking include "no", "don't do that" and many of them are old anyway. As a separate question, I tried finding an email to write to google on their site and even though they have a page titled "contact us" there are no contact emails or forms on that page. Is there a help email for google at all?
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Click the Settings gear in the top right and select Sources, type Breitbart (or whatever) into the Block field.
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Fantastic, thank you!
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