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I'm looking for an app that gives me workouts that take into consideration the constraints of the day (time, intensity, energy), instead of a regular long-term plan?

So I'm kind of a newbie at going to the gym and as of right now, I'll usually go in and do about 2/3 cardio and 1/3 strength, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on how much time I have or how tired I am. I don't really go in with a plan. I just kind of do whatever, and use the machines that are open. I often lose focus and end up drifting around or half-assing it. I want an actual trainer but I cannot afford one. So maybe there's an app out there that will give me what I want, which is basically this:

You can adjust for:

--Fitness level (right now I'm very squishy and out of shape and have never been athletic at all)
--Time (like one day I may only have 30 minutes, another day I may have an hour or more, totally depends on how the day shakes out)
--Cardio and strength training ratio (like one day I may want to do 50/50, another day maybe only 70/30)
--Intensity (one day I may be really tired and just want to go to gym to keep the habit but might not have the energy to be really into it)

For example:

Wednesday--I have only 45 minutes, I have energy so want high intensity, and I want to spend half my time doing cardio and half my time doing weights.

Saturday--I have an hour and a half, I'm a little tired, so maybe I want to spend 3/4 of my time doing low-intensity cardio, and 1/4 doing low-intensity weights.

Is there an app where I can plug these things in and they will churn out a workout for me, based on my fitness level that I can adjust after I feel my fitness improving?

My main goal is to actually just get myself to a gym relatively frequently (at least three times a week if not more), and stay long enough and do enough to feel good about myself. Sometimes I'll look at a workout that I'm supposed to do that day and it's just too long or intense for that particular moment, so I just end up getting discouraged or just skipping it entirely. I just want to get into better habits and not waste the time I'm in the gym trying to figure out what to do.

Are there any apps out there like that? I'll pay, though I don't want to pay a subscription. I'd go up to $10 or $15 for an app. I'm a mid-30s woman with a YMCA membership in Brooklyn if any of that matters. Oh, and I have an updated iPhone.

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Try the Sworkit app for free for body weight circuit exercises not requiring gym equipment. I do it in my gym's stretching area. You can set length of time for targeted types of exercises:
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