Recs for 2 computer keyboards - order online and fast delivery
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I finally have a computer/tech person willing to show up at my apartment (yay!) I have a 2010 Dell All in One/Windows 7 and a 2016 MS Surface Pro 4 laptop. Need help choosing replacement keyboard for the Dell, new keyboard for laptop. Must have by this Friday night. Possible?

So as above ... the full size wireless Dell keyboard eats batteries, I replace them on the 20th of each month. Done with this. I would like to have a wireless keyboard for the laptop. I already have wireless mice for both.

Can you recommend two decent keyboards I can quickly order on-line for delivery by this Friday night? I have Amazon Prime, an account with Staples, if that helps.

I like the little Apple keyboards and have used them before (the ones sans a number pad/directional pad keys/home+ page up+ page down keys) but I am used to working with them on the desktop -- so maybe a choice with/without to compare?

Short notice is ridiculous, of course, but tech person I reached out to long ago gave me no notice so ... that's the reason for the rush. Just so glad to have someone show up and do this and the myriad other things that need to be done.

Thanks so much for suggestions for this Luddite.
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If you have an Amazon Prime account, I'd probably filter by wireless (if that's what you want) and any other specific features. I, for instance, really wanted volume controls on my keyboard and backlit keys, and I also wanted a wired keyboard for my desktop, so I own this from Logitech and I have been happy with it. My mouse is also just one that I thought fit my hand well. You can always return the items after you get your computer assistance if they aren't good fits. Amazon Prime returns are free, I believe.
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the full size wireless Dell keyboard eats batteries, I replace them on the 20th of each month. Done with this.

If that keyboard is otherwise satisfactory, and if it's the expense of replacing the batteries rather than the physical process of doing so that's causing you pain, have you considered using rechargeables instead?

I have yet to meet a wireless keyboard incapable of inducing rage via an endless supply of potential failure modes. If you acquire a keyboard that requires attention paid to its batteries less frequently than once per month, the conservation laws applicable to technological irritants might well mean that you're just swapping a regular chore for unpredictable failures that are far more annoying.
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flabdablet, you know I had considered the "annoyance factor" vs "it's still working" issue. So maybe I just need to bite the batteries and live with this, since I'm not certain how long I'm going to be keeping the Dell All in One anyway (the SurfacePro was supposed to be a replacement, if I can figure out Windows 10).

But I still need a new keyboard for the SurfacePro.

Also -- neither here nor there -- but I don't know why I keep referring to myself as a Luddite, that's just dumb, as I was using computers @ work well before most folks were introduced to them (I'm an Old). It just seems that as I get further away from having a career, I feel left behind, and find myself having to ask more questions of others. And the nephews have left town, d@mmit! ;)

OK, not to threadsit.
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So one problem solved -- keeping the battery eating keyboard. The devil you know and all that ...

To clarify: with regard to the MS Surface Pro 4 -- I have the keyboard that comes with the tablet, I'm seeking a separate, wireless keyboard because I dislike using a track pad and I find the laptop setup inconvenient (I used one for years, then switched to laptop with external mouse and external keyboard -- works for me). I'd like to duplicate that setup.

I've googled and been all over Amazon looking for separate keyboard compatible with MS Surface Pro 4 and ... not having much luck. Found one compatible with MS Surface but that's a different animal, I suspect.

Ideas appreciated.
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Mr. gudrun has a Surface Pro 4 and uses this wireless mouse from amazon with it, plugging the mouse nano receiver into the USB port on the Surface. (He also has a Surface Dock if he wants to connect more stuff up to the Surface, since the Surface has only one USB port.)
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