What are some examples of stunning product photography?
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I'm looking for some examples of stunning product photography.

For example, Coca-Cola have a very mundane product but seemed to use tantalizing and emotive images in their communications that just make you want to reach into the photo and grab a Coke. What other examples can you think of stunning and emotive product photography?
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I think Deciem has some beautiful photos (see also: Instagram).
posted by katie at 6:47 AM on July 17

I like Bobby Doherty, who does food photography for New York Magazine.
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Also this portfolio (from The Voorhes) and this one (photographer Bill Cahill) are pretty incredible. I think makeup often lends itself to beautiful photography as well.
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Waitrose Magazine (the free monthly magazine from a UK supermarket) always has stunningly styled and lit photographs. I've even cut some out and framed them in the past.

Example 1 by Gus Filgate
Example 2 by Jonathan Gregson
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Thanks everyone - great examples of product photography. I feel hungry after looking at some of them!
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