Private places in NYC and surrounding areas for couples
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Hi all, I'm looking for a place in NYC or the outer boroughs that me and my sweetheart can go makeout. Neither of us have cars, don't want to go to a hotel and don't want to do it in a place where lots of people can watch us. Can you find us a place? Think secluded areas where foot traffic is very light. Open to bars, cafes, parks (we found a place in central park but it's too buggy now) and any other places.
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Is there a reason why one of your bedrooms won't suffice?
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Perhaps both parties live at home with parents and don't want to take it to quite the level of "meeting the folks".
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The Raines Law Room has booths surrounded by curtains. You buzz for service.
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(I'm saying that on the assumption that "make out" falls short of the behavior that will get you kicked out of a civilized bar, which RLR is.)
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I'm gonna be that person and say this as a person who grew up in NYC and was quite the wanderer as a child:


I was the kid who would have torn around Central Park, stumbled upon you by accident, and remain freaked out for quite a long time. As a savvy city kid, I can promise you that I ran upon versions of you and far more inelegant imagery provided by people who did not think the jokey, "Get a room!" applied to them.

On behalf of city kids and lost tourists everywhere, please don't have fancy make out sessions in what you think are secluded but are indeed public, places.
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I enjoyed a spontaneous make out sesh in a half empty Hayden Planetarium. Have you visited the botanic garden(s)?

Since you'll probably hear a lot of people complaining about your request, I'm happy to report that when I see people stealing away a few moments for any kind of public affection it puts a smile on my face for the rest of the day.
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Count me as someone who doesn't think it's ethical to unwillingly subject other people to one's kinks. And this would fall under that category for me, since you are literally asking for public places (which are more secluded but decidedly still public.) If this is about no more than simply kissing on a park bench, disregard.
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Isn't this what the last row of an empty theater screening a noisy, poorly-lit, possibly special-effects-laden movie is for?
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Yeah, we're really not into exhibitionism. Hence secluded. We can't go to each other's apartments because we still live with our parents. We just want to kiss each other.
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What are some more private places then, if I can ask the question differently?
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Along Iris Gambol's lines, this is what the back of terrible, terrible films in second-run/dollar theaters are for. Go in the middle of the day in the middle of the week for max unlikeliness of other people noticing.
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How about late nights in the park? I know for sure that Prospect Park is pretty much deserted after it gets dark out. Here is a list of the parks open until 1AM.
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Sorry to make the assumption then! It's not exactly central, but maybe up by the Cloisters, overlooking the river?
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If a fancy bar is within your budget, Flute on 54th St. has booths with curtains as well.
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Alleys around the corner from bars or cafes?
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I see people making out in plain sight in prospect park regularly on a sunny day.
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but maybe up by the Cloisters, overlooking the river

NOT the Cloisters!!!! You think you're all hidden away and some damn smartass kid turns a corner and BAM they see you and WHY YES I AM TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT SCARRED ME WHEN I WAS 5.

Movie theaters, back row is going to be your best bet.
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