gohighbrow.com - good or dodgy?
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I've had an email asking whether I'd like to provide lessons for Highbrow (gohighbrow.com). I gather Highbrow provides short series of five-minute 'lessons' by email. 'Teachers' get a small fee if enough people complete their courses. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it legit and worthwhile or dubious and more trouble than it's worth?
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I haven't used them as a 'teacher', but I have subscribed to their courses from the other side (only the free ones). They definitely do what they say from a user's side - sending out nicely formatted easily digestible email lessons each day. I stopped last year after finishing most of the courses that interested me, but nothing about them gave me a dodgy impression - though I have no idea how good the deal is for the people who produce the content.
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