Can you make a video change from portrait to landscape on I-phone?
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I made videos on my I-phone 6 plus but did them in portrait mode. I can see them right side up on the computer when I download them and watch them in windows media player, and they are fine when I download on facebook, but when I try to download them to a DVD disc and watch them on my DVD player they are laying on their side while playing. So I need to somehow change the videos to landscape (after the fact) if that is possible.

From now on I will videotape from my phone on Landscape, but for the videos that are already taped, can I fix them? I'm not really talking about "rotating" a video. I'm talking about changing the mode to landscape so the DVD videos will come out right side up instead of sideways.

Thanks in advance!
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This fixed worked for someone with the same problem (Windows):
posted by czytm at 6:33 AM on July 13, 2017

Depending on how comfortable you are with the command line, you could do this.
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If you still have them on your phone (or reload them onto the phone), you can use a "Rotate and Flip" app to make a copy in a different orientation.
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