Accessing an old Smartdisk Firelite drive?
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I have a closet full of old disks and laptops from ancient work and personal use. I'm overdue to stop harboring a junkyard and want to make sure there's nothing important on them before giving stuff the heave ho. Today's self-assigned challenge is a SmartDisk Firelite FLFW60. Yes, I know it's like trying to speak to an ancient civilization... but can you help?

I am trying to boot it up with a brand new iMac running Sierra. I have the drive plugged in to the wall, I've got the right 400 to 800 adapter, and it's plugged in to my computer... the drive's light is on and I can definitely feel it reading the information, but when I look on the screen or call up Disk Utility there's nobody home.

Suggestions? Someone told me maybe this drive is so old that it requires a driver...?

Is there ANY way to get these things to communicate so I can copy stuff over to my archive? I'd rather not give up, to be honest... this is becoming a bit like buried treasure... I'm hoping to possibly find forgotten old photos of people who aren't in this world anymore.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Is it a firewire drive? The name "firelite" suggests that, but current iMacs (you said "brand new" so I assume you mean the ones that just came out) don't have Firewire 800 ports, so I'm a little confused. In any case, you might want to try a new cable, because I've seen all sorts of weirdness with bad cables (more with firewire than USB, though).
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You can almost certainly pop the plastic case open and get the actual drive out, then use an adapter (randomly picked, not a recommendation) to hook the drive up to a computer.
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Seconding NSAIDs answer; that's probably the route most likely to get things going with modern hardware. Otherwise I'd suggest finding a computer with FireWire ports and trying to read it from there instead of relying on an adapter that may or may not work.
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Response by poster: Figured it out! Yay! Aleyn, you made me think that maybe I just was plugging something wrong (even though it was fitting)... so I unplugged it all and went through all of my zillions of adapters until I figured out the combination finally worked with connecting it to the Thunderbolt 3 cable! YAY!

Thank you guys! Now I just have to go through it all...
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