Stories About People Becoming Suddenly Rich
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Hi Brilliants! Happy Wednesday :) I'm trying to compile a list of stories that are about people who have become suddenly rich. (Specifically because of an inheritance). I'm interested in works of fiction, theater, movies, tv, myths, folktales, songs, real news, etc. I'm interested in exploring archetypal commonalities in these sorts of stories and thematic links. Since it's quite a broad thing to search I'm interested in anything that you remember seeing, reading or hearing about, something that may have made an impact on you. Or if you can't think of anything but you have a specific fantasy of becoming rich and want to share how you think that might play out that would be great too! Thanks so much!
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Dickens writes about several characters becoming suddenly rich when a strange inheritance is doled out in Our Mutual Friend. This is an extremely common Victorian trope, of course—you can also try Trollope in Ralph the Heir, which involves the competing claims of two possible heirs to an entailed estate.
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Jane Eyre.
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My first thought was Dickens, too, but Great Expectations.
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A Little Princess by Frances Hodgeson Burnett is a children's classic about a wealthy little girl who's relegated to poverty after her father dies, then her fortune is restored years later.
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Unexpected royalty payment, not inheritance: Steven Universe episode "Mr. Greg"
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You could almost consider a sub-genre of that have African-American main characters. Definitely some commonalities there and problematic portrayals of stereotypes and culture.

Trading Places
Brewster's Millions
Diff'rent Strokes
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TV Tropes: Rags to Riches
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In addition to above answer, perhaps Nouveau Riche and Acquired Situational Narcissism tropes as well.
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In The Five Little Peppers, a whole family (consisting of a widowed mother and her five children) is basically adopted by a rich guy. This happens in the first book ("The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew"). Wikipedia lists a total of twelve books, and as I recall, some of them deal with their lives when they were poor and some after they became wealthy. (This was really confusing to me as a child. Also, my mother bought the whole series at an auction, and I didn't know there was a specific order to read them in.)
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Murnau's The Last Laugh
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Like a quarter of all the regency historical romances I read are about people who suddenly inherit or disinherit a fortune. The most recent addition to my to-be-read pile is this one: A Most Unlikely Duke but there are lots of others where the impoverished cousin suddenly inherits the dukedom because the presumptive heir dies in a tragic accident (or was it?) and then there will be a whole series of books in which the newly rich cousin and his newly rich sisters all get married to people who are also super rich and titled.
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To add to Brookeb's observation, The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire gets to have its cake and it eat too with Will Smith's character receiving all the benefits of an upscale lifestyle while being in a position to criticize the habits/cluelessness of the wealthy.
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Roy Cockrum (previously on the blue), a former monk, won the lottery and handled it in a unique way.
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There is a TV series titled My Lottery Dream Home that showcases lottery winners buying their dream homes (airing now on HGTV). One "archetypal commonality" that stood out to me after watching several episodes is that most people just want a nice place to spend time with family and friends. I was expecting all these stereotypically dysfunctional lottery winners looking for over-the-top places to show off their newfound wealth but it's mostly nice folks looking to have fun with their loved ones.
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Subverted in The $30,000 Bequest.
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I can't believe I'm going to suggest this on Ask, but the John Goodman movie King Ralph fits. That movie was very loosely based on the novel Headlong.
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It's pretty devastating to watch, but Reversal of Fortune is a documentary that follows a homeless man who is basically handed $100,000
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Philip Greenspun's essay on his personal experience with Early Retirement.
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The weird last season of Roseanne.
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Downton Abbey
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The movie Millions explores how poor folks cope with a literal windfall, which they must spend immediately.
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The plot of A Portrait of a Lady turns on an unexpected large inheritance for the about-to-be-genteelly-poor main character.
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> the John Goodman movie King Ralph

Also Mr. Deeds, Slumdog Millionaire, and Trading Places, off the top of my head.
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Pope Francis
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Spend Spend Spend the play and Spend Spend Spend the musical
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I basically just started going through movies tagged with Inheritance on IMDB. A lot of the ones I'm looking at are more about impending or hoped for inheritances, but I think it's close enough to be worth mentioning if you're just for people's thoughts on what they'd do if they got rich as well.
The Glass House

And while skimming that list I came across this movie:
The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday
Which I have and will not see (or have any idea how to find), but I admire the title.
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The Cat Who... series of mystery novels, specifically, from The Cat Who Played Brahms on. The protagonist inherits a fortune with the caveat that he live in rural Michigan. The rest of the series follows his exploits as a philanthropist with a psychic, crime-solving cat.
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Here's a sad true story from my home state.
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I would have thought that this would have been caught in the TV Tropes entry for Rags to Riches linked above, but how about "Little Orphan Annie"? It's not exactly an inheritance story -- if anything it might actually be the opposite of inheritance (i.e.: getting money due to the sudden gain rather than loss of a family member).
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The Collector A bullied bank clerk ,butterfly collector, inherits estate , takes a fancy to Samantha Eggars .
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My first thought was this episode of the TV show "Life". This episode features several characters in a support group for lottery winners who are trying to cope with their sudden windfalls.

However, the entire show "Life" is also kind of about the topic-- the main character is released from prison and awarded millions in damages for a wrongful conviction at the beginning of the first season. The show does a fair amount with the weird ways he tries to cope with the money being intended as recompense for the destruction of his entire world based on doctored evidence.
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I super love the movie It Could Happen to You.
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Paul Auster's novels usually have some character who becomes suddenly rich. Can't remember any concrete examples offhand though
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Welcome to me
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There's a BBC series called Loaded that's coming to AMC.
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Accidentally ran into The Syndicate and remembered this question.

"Each series features a different group of people whose lives turn upside down after they jointly win the lottery."

Looks like there are three seasons.
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