LESS Expensive Non RX Sunglasses for existing frames??
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I'm starting to use contacts. I LOVE a couple of my glasses frames so I want them as non RX sunglasses now. What's the best and cheapest way to do this?

I have two pairs of glasses that I would like to make into NON RX sunglasses now that I'm switching to contacts. (I will have other RX glasses for non contacts days.) But I'm a $20 sunglasses and Zenni kinda gal and replacement lenses seem insane.

Lenscrafters wanted $125!!

What's the cheapest way to do this?
Any leads before calling around everywhere?

They're of course not my cheap Zennis either. One pair isn't sold anymore - so I can't reorder them. The other pair are $95 for the frames - which I have already - and $90 for the lenses (total of $185!)

Both pairs are pretty unique but I'd be open to a very similar replacement for each. (Coco frames, Derek Cardigan frames)
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I have used ReplaceALens several times, and it worked great. I just priced out polarized, prescription sunglass lenses and it was $89. Non-polarized would be as cheap as $49 (have you tried polarized before though? It's great).

They don't have any info on ordering lenses with no prescription, but seems pretty straightforward.
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