What's the best 7"-8" Android tablet around now?
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I love my Nexus 7 2013, but it's starting to behave oddly, so I'm keeping an eye out for possible replacement tablets for when it dies. What are the best Android tablets of similar size out there right now?

I want a 7"-8"in screen (easier to hold with one hand and carry around), Android O/S (I have lots o apps which I like using and, if not 32GB on the device, the option to expand the memory to something around that so I can carry lots of things on there if I need to. I don't really play games or do anything processor intensive, but I do want something that works as well as the N7 for browsing and reading Zinio etc. I use my tablet a lot so would rather get something with a decent screen and durability rather than a no-name £30 one.

I was looking at the Fire 8, but the weird OS they use puts me off - is it easy to install the Google Play store on it and have it run pretty much as a stock Android tablet then? Is it worth getting one and just rooting it, or are there better out of the box Android options out there?
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The Fire 8 is ultra low resolution, so that's a big step down from your current tablet. If you want a higher resolution
screen, you're probably looking at:
* Huawei MediaPad M3
* Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
* NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 (You'd have to buy this used).
* ASUS Zenpad Z8 (Only Verizon sells this, so I'm not sure of the particulars on buying for non-Verizon use).
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Response by poster: Should have said, I'm in the UK! I don't want a tablet on a contract, wifi only is fine for me.

The K1 would have been perfect, but seems very hard to find now - I don't think it was even released here.
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Lenovo Yoga tablet is a good deal the built in stand takes some getting use to, only one camera very durable rugged device so far .
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The rumor mill keeps murmuring about the possibility of Google releasing an updated Nexus 7 this fall. They've been working on three devices, with observers suspecting the largest one (code-named taimen) might be a new tablet.

Can you wait? The rumor mill says Google will be releasing two or three new devices, probably in October. Personally, I'm in the exact same fix, and have decided to cross fingers and wait and see if Google comes through with an updated Nexus 7 (2017).
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Lunaloon: Google has moved out of the tablet market and N7 '13 is never going to get a successor.

I would just get the latest Fire tablet and install play store.
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I love my Fire tablet, but... I have purchased most of my games/apps through their store, not Google Play. I think the difference in OS might actually be an issue for you. Can you go test one at a store somewhere?
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I have the Kindle Fire HD 8.9", which is great, but I'm still not used to the app ecosystem, even though I've side-loaded Google Play store on it. I now have all my key apps, but it somehow still doesn't seem organic.

That said, It WAY WAY WAY outperforms my couple-years old ASUS Zen Pad 8. I got the Fire to replace it, because of constant storage issues on the main SD card, and lots of crashings. But, nevertheless I still depend on it, and probably will until it really dies.

I'm cheap, so neither of these cost more than $150.
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I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in the 8 inch version. I am thoroughly satisfied with it. Our of all the tech purchases I've made in the last couple of years, this one stands out for satisfaction.
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