Urgently need rocket alternative
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I urgently need an alternative to this which doesn't require access to the outdoors, or a hose and which is interesting but not so dramatic or messy.

I need to demonstrate an explosion/rocket type of thing for children, but I also need to not wreck the community room or cause a hassle for the custodians, so if there's a mess, it needs to be something I can handle with some paper towels.

I have access to a Walgreens, a Target, and I DON'T have access to any outdoor space. Kids are 4th-6th grade or so and there won't be more than 5-10 of them.

I am aware that you can turn the bottom upside-down and shoot a cork instead, but I can't risk also spilling the liquid everywhere. I also might need to work with the group within a larger room of children, and I can't risk shooting a cork into the crowd with any force.

(I am covering a program for someone else who didn't think things through all the way. Naturally, I trusted their judgement. No longer!)
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Balloon rockets are not explosive, but they are fast, fun and safe.
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Stomp Rocket? Instructables.
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Compressed air is your best bet in my experience. Balloon rockets are perfect, low energy and controllable (actually we make glove ones because we don't have balloons in the lab as readily).
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Anything that is really explosive on that scale or to be handled by kids is likely too energetic to be very safe. Ammonium triiodide is probably one of the safest, but even then it's a little exotic in terms of materials and not 100% safe.
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A similar set of principles, btw, and much safer is making vortex cannons. All you need is a cardboard box per child (1.5 cu ft is perfect), some good tape (duct or packing tape) and a knife to cut holes (which you can do). I'd also suggest markers, etc... so kids can decorate their boxes.

Vortex cannons "shoot" air when you whack the sides. You can have competitions to see who can knock over poles of solo cups. You can buy baking flavour essences and have "guess the smell" quizzes (put a drop or two of scent on a tissue and put it in the box---the kids can shoot smells at each other. Mint, banana, work very well). If you can get access to a smoke/fog generator (party stores have em) you can shoot smoke rings.

I've done this with kids as young as 6 and as old as 16. They all have a lot of fun. The whole thing easily takes half a day.
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An airboat demonstrates the same principle of equal and opposite reaction. You could put the model on wheels if it's to hard to gin up a something to float it.

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Last year my son made a stomp rocket in a museum, there was no mess at all and while the rocket flew far it can be directed.
Each child was given a card board tube and paper to make the rockets and there were 2 or 3 launchers fashiond from 2liter soda bottles and large diameter garden hose.
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Matchstick rockets?
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The best answers are those for which I can source supplies TODAY, but these are all great ideas. I'm going with balloon rockets (interesting, rocket-related, cheap, flight path is under control) but will use the other ideas later, especially the vortex cannon. Thanks!
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