Legit ways to unlock an older flip phone?
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I recently found a Motorola WX416 flip phone seemingly locked to Canada's Chatr Wireless that I'd like to use with another carrier - is there a non-sketchy way to unlock it? The strict legality does not concern me (I can't imagine anyone cares at this point), but I'd like to avoid giving money to any of the scammy-looking "unlock my phone" sites out there.
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Are you in Canada, or is it just a canadian phone? The CRTC has recently banned unlocking fees. Chatr is a Rogers company, so I'd first try to take to any Rogers location and see if they'll unlock it for you for free. They will usually unlock phones that are off contract anyway, but I can't remember if there was a fee or not as I've never done it.
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Are you in Canada, or is it just a canadian phone?

I'm in the US.
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