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SciFiFilter: A while ago, I read a short story called (something along the lines of) New York vs. The World....and I can't find it again!

It was about 8 months ago, I think, and was probably linked to from one of the blogs I read (think boingboing, et al.) It consisted of a dialog between the 'entity' of NY and then 'Entity' of The World and was moderately-to-quite though-provoking.
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Places to try: - post to the group using the subject preface 'YASID:', eg 'YASID: New York vs The World'

Try also the Internet Speculative Fiction Database if you haven't already.
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Correction: rec.arts.sf.written. And the isfdb is down, annoyingly. Humph.
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City Come A Walkin, John Shirley.
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This was *really short,* something like 5 pages. The entirety was free online. It had a few B&W illustrations. It was enitrely a 'action.'
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If it was linked from boingboing...I don't think it would have been on Futurismic, because I read those and don't recall it. Might it have been on Infinite Matrix? A Ctrl+F search on the archives page didn't turn up anything, but maybe if you looked through the titles...
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