I scream, you scream, we all scream for spumoni colored backgrounds!
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In the throes of trying to design my workplace's new website (ugh don't ask), I've found an almost perfect background. Problem is, it's by wix (first 5-6 google image results for "wix candy stripes") but we don't intend to use wix. Help!

Ideally, the background wouldn't have that white spot in the corner. I've tried a google reverse image search and search terms that *in my mind* express what I want, like "spumoni colors" or "pastel stripes" or ""bright pastel stripes." I either get the original background, a picture of some ice cream, or some pretty horrendous stripey patterns.

Does anyone have any idea where I could find a free to use background with these kinds of warm pink-green pastels? Search terms that are not terrible?

Or, on the other hand: I have Gimp and some time, though little confidence. Could anyone give me any pointers on Gimp filters to get this nice fabric-y feel, free sources of stripes/patterns to work off of?

Thank you as always.
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Not quite the same, but maybe similar enough. This is an image designed to tile for a website background, under a non-commercial Creative Commons licence. You could at least use it as a starting point, fade the colours a bit, etc.
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Maybe something like this a little more saturated?
There are a bunch of good free stock photo sites if you google it (and a few articles pointing you to lesser-known ones). You might have better luck if you search for "background texture" or "background grunge". Some of the sites will let you whittle down your selection by colors, or you can start adding in search terms like "stripe" or "pink green" one at a time, so you can see when you're getting close even if you can't find the perfect selection right away.
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I am not any sort of expert, but I think you could probably find a free to use plain fabric texture background (googling "linen background" brings up a lot of results), then add a 2nd layer and manually create whatever color stripes you want to use, and increase the transparency of that layer so the fabric texture comes through.
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Broaden search terms. ex: "green pink pattern," not "green pink brown stripes."
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Something like this (i.e without the faded/highlight bits)? I wouldn't recommend using that image for copyright reasons, but happy to help out with something in a similar vein if you're not confident to do it yourself.
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You might be able to quickly generate one on a number of sites; the one that came to mind is called Stripe Generator.
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It should be fairly easy to replicate in GIMP, if you are at all familiar with its workings. I haven't used it much, but I remember it basically being a PhotoShop clone, so I can guess at how it'd play out. I would find something akin to that linen texture here. I think their files are free to use, but if you want a very large version, you have to pay. Given that you're just doing web stuff, you shouldn't need anything too big, or you should be able to just repeat it.

Hopefully you can make the stripe pattern fairly easily (Make a rectangle, fill it with the desired colour, and transform it by skewing it to the desired angle). Place the texture in a layer above the stripes and jigger with blending modes (I guess GIMP calls them layer modes?), contrast and transparency until you get what you want. If the texture image has colour, just adjust the saturation to zero before you do anything, so you have a neutral greyscale image.

In terms of creating a colour scheme, check out Adobe Color, which has a bunch of user-generated themes. You can create your own, but it might be overwhelming, depending on your design experience.

If you can't make it work and it's driving you nuts, I can proooobably replicate it in about ten minutes, for a $10 Amazon gift card or something. Just putting that out there. MeMail me if you're driven to that point, or have additional questions about my suggested methods.
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