jon stewart and body parts.
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after watching tonight's daily show (1/17), i wondered what the technical word for "taint" really is...

you know, the area between your anus and scrotum... *ahem*
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Best answer: Perineum.
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It's called a kaziff.

Kaziff you didn't have it, your insides would fall out.
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It's your barse.
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Perineum, but also baunch, which is why the period between Christmas and New Year's Day is baunchmas.
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And here I thought it was choad.
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On women, it's called the Separation of Powers.
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I've heard this called "the gooch."
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knave, a chode/choad is a short'n'stubby penis. So chodes are for boys only, while we all have a taint.

As far as the perineum goes, I've also heard it called the nacho. Because it's nacho front, nacho back.
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The technical term is grundle (although tuppy is also acceptable).
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My dad used to always say it was called that because, and I quote, "It taint yer ass and it taint yer balls."
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Mrs Zera says "tate", but she has no point of reference

I say "taint" cause it " 'taint your nuts and it 'taint your balls "
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we always referred to it as 'Louisiana'
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My dad used to say "cause it taint the asshole and it taint the cunt."
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I've heard it called a/the "nifkin".
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Let's play our game...

In support of knave:
Wiki referenced above; "Common nicknames for the area include choad, taint, and grundle."

In support of neda: agrees with you.

There are varying levels of dissent amongst the Urban Dictionary crowd.

And finally, Wiki once again clears it up for us.

See? We're all a little bit right when it comes to chodes and taints! Best answers for everyone!
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Biffin bridge (as in when your balls 'biff' off it.)
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I might be imagining things, but I got the impression that the whole routine was about When that site hit the scene in the late 90's, among the crowd I was hanging it was widely referred to as "the taint." But maybe I'm just insane?
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Humorous scene in the Showtime series Weeds: Two of the main characters are sitting in the living room, watching lesbian porn. The girls turn their backsides to the camera, and the two guys begin talking about the meaning of the term "taint". After going back and forth about it, they interrupt the maid, who's more than a little disgusted by both the discussion, and what's on the TV.

"[maid's name], what's the area called between the dick and the asshole."

She thinks a moment, and then responds: "The coffee table."
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I think via SNL i heard a new term:
Your ABC: Ass-Balls Connection
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This deletion shit is getting mighty, mighty old.
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I always thought the "perineum" was the bit of flesh that divides one's nosehole into two nostrils. As in, "his perineum dissolved due to excessive cocaine usage."
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Any woman who has given birth vaginally knows the stretch from vagina to anus is the perineum. If you don't understand why, don't ask.
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