Looking for a therapist in Louisville, KY
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I'm leaving my alcoholic spouse and need to find a new therapist. My current therapist (a LCSW) missed a ton of warning signs related to alcoholism within my relationship and family. He even admitted this. So, I'm looking for a recommendations, preferably someone who has experience or specializes in issues of codependency and alcoholism. Thanks for your help.
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I can't give you a firsthand recommendation, but you might have some luck through the finder feature at the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists website. Good luck.
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Hi, I can't give you any recommendation for a therapist but I can say that I was deeply angry, after seeing a therapist for years and discussing my alcoholic husband with her, that she never told me about Al-Anon. Al-Anon meetings are great for learning about self-care, setting boundaries, etc., things that can be hard for those of us who love or have loved alcoholics. As an atheist, I found all the God talk annoying at first, but Al-Anon truly isn't about religion (which confused me as a beginner). It appears there are a fair number of Al-Anon meetings in your area, including two tomorrow. If you do decide to try it, go to several different meetings to find the best fit. Meetings have personalities and don't be scared away if, like me, your first meeting feels off. Just go find a different meeting. And if Al-Anon doesn't speak to you, that's fine. I wish you all the best in your journey.
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It may be worth asking your current therapist for a recommendation for someone who specializes in alcohol-related issues.
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