Where can I sell DVDs online now that Half.com is closing down?
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Half.com will be closing down at the end of August. I have about 100 DVDs listed on Half.com. When they close down, I will have to figure out another way to sell them. What other online DVD marketplaces are there?

I only sell about one DVD a week (at most), so listing somewhere with a membership fee isn't really an option. Most of them won't go on Amazon. For DVDs with even a modestly high retail price, they only allow sellers with a $25/month merchant account. eBay isn't really an option either -- they charge money per listing. Are there any other places I can sell DVDs online without paying up front?
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Oh no, Half.com is closing? Sad to hear, I've been using them forever.

I've had some good experiences with http://www.wherehouse.com/.

eBay will let you have something like 50 free listings per month.
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I couldn't see if there were any fees without creating an account but check out Discogs.
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http://www.swapadvd.com if you want to trade for others.
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Consider Decluttr. My clients have hit-or-miss luck with selling books through them, but fairly good luck with CDs and DVDs.
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