Best Legal Coverage of Trump & Investigations
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I would like your best coverage of both the various legislative/judicial/executive actions of the Trump administration, as well as the best coverage of the Russia/Mueller investigations. I am looking for [content creators] that explicitly focus on the legal aspects. I.e., I know NPR sometimes has legal reporting, but I am looking for sites/reporters/podcasts that are explicitly legal in nature. Please share?
posted by OmieWise to Law & Government (6 answers total) 12 users marked this as a favorite covers a lot of these points. I think they have a series of podcasts, too.
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You might be interested in the new podcast, What Trump can teach us about con[stitutional] law. In addition to the blog host, there's a constitutional law professor on the show.
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In addition to Lawfare, Just Security covers a similar beat, with commentary from legal experts, many of whom have served in government. Both are clubhouses for the national security set.

BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner (on Twitter) is a lawyer and legal news machine. Not all of his coverage is specific to Trump, as he covers the Supreme Court in general too, but he does good work and his twitter will point you to other articles of interest.

Sarah Jeong publishes the Airport Cases Newsletter, which offers snarky commentary and legal news specifically on the travel ban cases. She is also a lawyer and a good person to follow.

Lawfare's essay The Revolt of the Judges: What Happens When the Judiciary Doesn’t Trust the President’s Oath, by Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic has held up incredibly well and lays out a persuasive case for how Trump is increasingly seen by the legal system.
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The Volokh Conspiracy, now at WaPo.

Also Marcy Wheeler.
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Dahlia Lithwick at Slate is basically the gold standard of legal coverage, and she's written some about what's going on, with more to come, I'm sure.
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Take Care.
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