Men's dress shirts under $50 that don't need tucking
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I want to buy some men's button-down dress shirts, both long and short sleeved, preferably for under $50 each. I prefer shirts that look good untucked (don't like the tucked look and find belts uncomfortable). I've seen which has a good selection, but am hoping to find something a little cheaper but still good quality. Checkered/plaid patterns best. Recs?
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No specific recommendations, but you might try searching for sport shirts rather than dress shirts, since that seems to be what you're looking for. A sport shirt is worn with an open collar, and are shorter than dress shirts so they can be worn untucked.
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I don't usually tuck in my shirt (for the same reasons you do, my last name notwithstanding). Every once in a while, though, I have to for work. I used to have a few buttondowns from Lands End Canvas that I had the hardest time keeping tucked in. I have a short torso, so usually shirts bunch up below the waist on me, but these would come untucked just by lifting my arms. I don't have measurements, but they must have been really short. They're not terribly expensive, either. In fact, looking it up for this answer, it seems that they're currently having a sale, and many shirts are now under $20.
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Old Navy actually has decent button-down shirts that are designed not to be tucked. Lots of patterns.
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Look for Penguin and Quicksilver brands. They both have button-down short-sleeved shirts that go untucked. Penguin also has long-sleeve shirts. Hit up Nordstrom Rack and Marshalls for a good, discounted selection.
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Believe it or not, Target. Check them out.
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Came here to say what jacquilynne said. If you do find shirts you like that you want to wear untucked, a tailor can "trim the tails" for a surprisingly reasonable price.
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My husband likes Eddie Bauer for shirts for work. Collared shirts, both long and short sleeve and mostly in plaid. He works at a computer company, and wears with jeans. Rarely tucked in.
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The correct answer to this question is definitely Uniqlo. I especially recommend their OCBD, which I've found on sale as low as $10, though typically around $25. I like the slim fit while I don't typically opt for slim fit cuts.
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For short-sleeve button down shirts, Cubavera polo shirts are some of the best polos I’ve worn. The texture and material feels upscale, but helps you stay cool in hotter temps. You can often find them for $15-$25 too.

For long-sleeve button down shirts under $50, I love the John Henry dress shirts. Great style and typically runs for $10-$40 on ebay.
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