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In the last month I saw an artist on instagram and stupidly did not follow or bookmark. Can anyone ID? Details within.

These were large black figures, rounded figures similar in shape to a yeti or generic humanoid monster. The shapes were flat black on a white background with no tonal gradiation and their features were delineated with just a handful of white lines within the black shape. The figures were walking and looking back over their shoulders etc. The works were repetitious with a lot of these figures interacting. They were cartoony and ominous. The artist was successful and had posted images of these iconic figures across a range of media including large vinyl wall installations. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Maybe Cleon Peterson? Google image search
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Response by poster: That's him. Not exactly as I remember (actually better.) Many thanks.
posted by mani at 4:20 AM on June 8, 2017

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