Nanny quit! Help us save the kid pics she shared through iCloud.
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Our nanny of two years has just unceremoniously quit via text message; she thinks she’s going to stay on for two weeks, but on Sunday night we plan to tell her that Friday was her last day.

She’s taken hundreds of pictures and short videos of our kid and shared them with us via a shared album in Apple’s iCloud photo sharing service. Please help us permanently save these pictures and videos so she can’t delete them or cut off our access to them.

The nanny, my wife, and I all have iPhones -- all of the viewing and sharing of pics was was done on our phones (rather than on a Mac).

We’re willing to use a pay third-party service, if that’s the best route. We just need to do it ASAP.
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What do you have to work with, in terms of tablets (what OS?), desktops/laptops (what OS?)?

You said you were sharing on phones, but do you have access to a desktop/laptop?
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Response by poster: Sunburnt: We have access to iPhones and iPads and Macs (an older iMac and a newish MacBook Pro.)
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Call Apple. They'll walk you through each step. 1-800-275-2273.
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Here you go. Scroll down to photos and videos.
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You can save each photo and video in the shared album to your own photo library from any of the iOS devices or the Macs. There are instructions on this Apple Support page under 'Back up a shared album'. Unfortunately, there's no way to do it in batches.
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Mod note: A few comments deleted. This is AskMe, question is how to save the images.
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If you are comfortable messing around inside folders and the command line and such or have a friend you is, there is a script that does this for you. Read more here
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