we got no power, captain.
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I recall from a book of trivia that a Scot/American by the last name of Train proclaimed or considered himself King/Emperor/Dictator of America. Was there such a person?

I'm aware of Emperor Norton and Jesse Strang and a few others but google-fu has failed me on this one. Perhaps this person considered himself President.
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Best answer: AH HA, George Francis Train.

"As he aged, Train was considered to become more eccentric. In 1873 he was arrested and threatened with being sent to an insane asylum.

He stood for the position of Dictator of the United States, charged admission fees to his campaign rallies, and drew record crowds"

as a side note, is it common in ASK for the poster to answer their own question? I feel flippant for not researching more so apologies if I have wasted anyones time.
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Best answer: I've done it a few times, it happens. Sometimes the process of writing out your question helps you recontextualize it enough to figure out the answer on your own! Just add a 'resolved' tag and sit back.
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There was also the Emperor of America, Joshua Norton.
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Response by poster: thanks carson
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