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Small green peppers stuffed with a hard cheese and some sort of ham. I usually keep it in the refrigerator but forgot to put it away. I bought it Wednesday evening and found it on the counter Saturday morning, where it had enjoyed a fairly constant 72° F. Smells and looks OK. It is sold in an open vat in the store which doesn't seem refrigerated to me, but might be. I don't know where they keep it at night.
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No way.
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It's been three days, so hell no.
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Cheese and ham on the counter for three days? Nooooooo.
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The peppers are pickled in some way? The ham is cured? I mean, I guess if that were the case and I had a really strong stomach I might try one. I think I know the type of thing you're talking about.
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Please pass on this. It will be a week before you can a new question about food poisoning.
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I'm pretty foolhardy about food that's been left out and I would give that precise food maybe 24h unrefrigerated at most. 3 days is definitely a no go in my books.
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I'm a fairly hearty eater of suspect items.

These peppers would go straight into the garbage unless you bought them in pickling brine and the jar had been sealed, sold as a shelf stable item, and unopened.

My guess is that ham stuffed into peppers with cheese is not a sealed, shelf stable item.

Please throw them away.
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Do you want to spend the long weekend vomiting out both ends?
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No No No
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Oh, God no.
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What is the cost of the peppers vs. the potential cost of all the Gatorade you'd have to buy to prevent dehydration from several hours of diarrhea?
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I was kind of blue earlier but your question reminded me of one time when I got the worst food poisoning of my life and I was shaking and crying on the bathroom floor between rounds of spasming diarrhea and vomiting up stuff that was worse than anything I'd ever smelled and how I was seriously considering trying to knock myself unconscious by bashing my head against the wall because it hurt so bad but then thinking that I might die from choking on vomit and I didn't want to lose my life to a damned turkey sandwich, anyway yeah I got to remembering that night and now my evening seems pretty darn good by comparison, so thanks for that and by the way no I wouldn't eat those peppers.
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I wouldn't eat these if I hit more than two red lights on the way home.
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OK, OK! I just thought I'd ask. They hit the dump in the morning.
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Left out overnight in my (typically very cool) San Francisco kitchen, I would've eaten them. But even as a regular and loyal resident of Camp Eat It, I would not have eaten yours. Glad you tossed them!
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Definitely not.
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No #17
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