Hiring someone to build an Ikea hack. Weird?
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So, I have ideas and not a lot of time or really desire for anything other than the finished product. I am open to other ways of doing this, but essentially, I want someone to build me an Ikea hack - specifically this one (though I know Stolmen has been discontinued, there is another item that will stand in). I'm not sure how to go about outsourcing this particular task.

If I was looking for someone to build me truly custom furniture, that would be one thing. But basically I want someone to come in, measure my space, build me these benches or something like them, and finish them out nicely. I will do the cushions, as sewing is an area of my expertise.

Who am I looking for? How do I ask? I know about Thumbtack, Nextdoor, and of course Task Rabbit, but I want to find the right person and I don't want to insult anyone.
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Seems like a job for a handyman.
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Yeah, look on Craigslist for a handyperson or someone doing "odd jobs" and just tell them exactly what you want.

This is no different from any carpentry job, really. It's measuring and cutting, you're just supplying (or specifying) most of the materials.
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Take a look for a carpenter on TaskRabbit and include the link so that they can make an assessment about whether or not they're up to the task.

It doesn't look particularly difficult, but because of the weight bearing application it'll involve studs and things you're not thinking about. Always good to have someone who has made the mistake before help you from making it.

Otherwise, I'm sure there are handyfolk on Craigslist as well, but you're really looking for a general contractor or carpenter. The hardest thing here looks to be the 2x4 boxes, but a reasonable qualified person can clap those together in an hour or two.
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are there any links at the Ikea hack website to local 'practioners'?
or at a local Ikea store?
that might be an interesting collaboration-- you would be able to judge their expertise by looking at previous projects using Ikea pieces.
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I found a good handyman (and many other repairpersons) using Angie's List. For me, the reliable reviews are well worth the annual fee.
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Oh man. So I have a guy who is a carpenter and I actually hired to... put together IKEA furniture. He builds all my IKEA hacks for me. The man who runs my local IKEA delivery service and optionally puts things together is also a carpenter. So this is definitely not weird and I would look for a jobbing carpenter.
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Post a Craiglist in 'Gigs' and have handyman and ikea and custom in the header. Explain your situation in the body. You'll get lots of emails of intent.

Next question is, which of those quotes will be accurate/pertinent.
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You could also post to jobs, here.
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