Making 3D shape by revolving half a cross section about an Axis.
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I have an image file that's half a cross section of a round object. I need to turn this into a 3D object file that can upload to Shapeways for 3D printing. I tried using Tinkercad and a few other online 3D tools, but I can't seem to find one that works. Is there a way I can do this for free?
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Sketch out the cross section in illustrator or another vector drawing program, memail or post a link to the file, and I'll do a rotate on it in rhino for you. Is it the full 360º sweep?
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I only had it in PNG, but I was able to make this SVG of it in Inkscape. Will that do? And yes, I was looking for 360 about the long axis.
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Here you go. I included the rhino file, plus dxf, stl and obj, so you can see what gives you a better result. There's also a screencap so you can see if it's what you expected.
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Thank you very much, this is exactly what I needed!
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Glad I could help.
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… or it's a one-liner in OpenSCAD:


OpenSCAD doesn't read splines, so you'd have to flatten the curved paths to line segments in your drawing program first.
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