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I am not sure how to ask this, so it is probably easily available on Google and I just can't find it. However, I am trying to make a Google Sheet (or Excel Doc, it doesn't matter which) that does something specific.

I have three rows of numbers (let's say 1, 2, 3), and a variable number of columns (A, B, C and so on). What I want to find is a formula that will do something like:

=((A1/A2)*A3)*((B1/B2)*B3)*((C1/C2)*C3)/[Number of columns]

As you can see, if I had a definite number of columns I could just make the formula as above. However, I would like to make something that can automatically adapt to new columns being added, and that also wouldn't become exceedingly long if I were to manually enter new columns. Is there a formula that can do this?
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If the number of rows is fixed, you could place your base 'n1 / n2 * n3' formula in each column, then use the 'product' and 'count' formulas to figure the end result; something like '=product (An:Cn) / count (An:Cn)'. Pretty sure this would do it...
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Response by poster: That does answer the question, but I was hoping to avoid the extra step. Oh well, if this is the best I can do I can live with it.
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This would multiply all the values in those four columns and divide by the total number of columns with a value in the top row. Make it as wide as you expect to potentially add columns (G, X, AA, whatever) at the beginning and you shouldn't have to redo it.
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There's nothing in the example formula that doesn't multiply through, i.e. what you wrote column by column is equal to
(A1*B1*C1*...)*(A3*B3*C3*...)/(A2*B2*C2*...)/number of columns).

For excel formulas, that can be written as

The key piece of Excel vocabulary here is using (1:1) to mean "everything in row 1"
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Response by poster: Gah! I wrote the formula wrong. Shame shame shame on me. I want to average the results from each column so they should be added:

=((A1/A2)*A3)+((B1/B2)*B3)+((C1/C2)*C3)/[Number of columns]

So you guys are right but I asked the wrong question. :(
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Best answer: In that case yes, you probably do have to have row 4 where A4=A3*A1/A2 in every column. But then you can just say =AVERAGE(4:4) and that will include as many columns as you happen to have.
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