How to find a place that will make a custom glass shade?
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I ordered this shade on the chairish website, and it arrived looking like this ...WEEP!

I really don't want to give up on this light, but I haven't had luck finding some place that could fabricate a custom shade for it. The glass is plain white frosted; the shade is (was) egg-shaped, about 12 inches tall and maybe nine inches at widest diameter.

Anyone have an idea whom I could contact? Price is not big issue. I have not been able to find another antique pendant similar to this one, and I love it. I'd be willing to ship the brass frame to a manufacturer so that the shade could be fitted to it.

Thanks Askme!
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Best answer: I had great results with Michael Davis Glass to replace a glass pitcher with metallic fittings similar to your lamp.
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Response by poster: Whoa, what? That place is about 12 blocks from my house. Will definitely check them out. Thanks, at!

Still welcome any other recommendations!
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Response by poster: Michael Davis said he could do it; I'm dropping off the light tomorrow. I'm going to mark this resolved.

at, thanks again!

Askme rocks.
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