How to blunt the edges of aluminum earrings
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I bought some beautiful stamped aluminum earrings (at least, I assume they're aluminum), and the edges are razor-sharp. They are thin sheets of metal, about the thickness of soda can walls. I would like to blunt or cover the edges so they're less sharp.

I was thinking of dipping each edge into some kind of clear, viscous substance that would leave a small protective layer on each edge, but I'm (a) not sure what to use and (b) open to other methods.

I don't think I could successfully fold the edges over, at least not by myself.

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clear nail polish along the edges?
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Just round over the edges with fine sandpaper. I'd start with 600-grit emery paper, cut a small piece, shape it into a curve and run it over the edges.
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I would just file the edges flatter with a nail file.
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You could get some Sugru, roll it into little ropes, press those onto the edge of the metal, then let it harden.
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...Also, you could press something with a nice texture onto the Sugru after putting it on the edges, which could make it look nicer.
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Are they one sided? You could glue a layer of felt or leather to the back with the same shape but a slightly larger border than the aluminum.
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A Dremel with appropriate attachments would handle that pretty quickly. They are often used for polishing, sanding, and burnishing delicate projects.
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