Looking for daycare in Chicago
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If all goes according to plan, my husband and I will be needing child care later on this year (around October) in Chicago.

My husband is planning on staying home most of the time to care for our as-yet unborn child, while I plan to take 3 months of maternity leave and return to work mid-end of October. However, there is a chance we will need some coverage based on when he needs to go to class and when I won't be at home. We do not have family in the area and are looking for part time daycare, perhaps transitioning into full-time care next year. Chicagoans: got any tips? We live off of the red line on the north side; neither of us have a car. I commute daily to Evanston, husband commutes (at least once a week this fall) to UIC.

At the time we'll be needing daycare, the child will be about 3 months old. Thanks in advance!
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Closer to your due date, you might want to check out the Northside Parents Network for ideas. Also, are you close to Loyola? Sometimes grad students or grad student spouses are great resources for childcare.
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For anyone finding this thread, our kid went to Rainforest Learing Center, near Roosevelt and State (a short walk from the Roosevelt stop on the Red Line). We LOVED it. Good teachers, great owners, good space. We felt like our kid was safe and was having fun, and she learned a lot while she was there.

E-mail is in the profile if you have specific questions.
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