Need advice about how to rent an office in San Rafael, California
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My friend is looking to rent an office space in the San Rafael, California area. He would like to rent month-to-month, or week to week. He needs to be able to leave his things in the office. His individual needs are described further below the fold.

It must be quiet and air-conditioned. He doesn't need a phone, but he does need an Internet connection, and a desk and chair. It can be small.

What is the best way to go about finding an office space that meets this description? Neither he nor I have ever done this before, so even the most basic advice would be useful.

I'm pretty sure that a coworking space wouldn't work for him, because he needs to have lots of books spread about on his desk. And he doesn't want to have to set those up and take them down every day, he wants to leave them there.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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What your friend is looking for is an office in an "Executive Office Suite".
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Best answer: Yep, executive office/executive suite. There's a Regus (large chain of same - full offices to cubes to conference rooms) in San Rafael, that's the company I use periodically. There's also a company called Apex with services in San Rafael.

If you needed something extremely cheap, you might peruse the local Craigslist to see if anyone's subletting one office in their offices, but there are certain liabilities you might encounter that way.
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There are a lot of reasons I don't particularly enjoy coworking spaces, but you can rent dedicated desks at many/most.
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Some of the platforms for coworking/space rental have more traditional office setups. My company was between leases for a little bit and found office space on LiquidSpace. Looks like they have a few things in Marin.
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