Dairy Free Low Iodine Dessert
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I always fix a dessert for Mother's Day for my Mom but I am at a loss what to fix for her because she has developed an allergy to dairy and or iodine. So has anyone got any recipes for something I could make that would be good? Thank you for any suggestions.
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A granita with fruit might be nice. Here's a video about making strawberry granita.
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Vegan desserts might be a good place to look. I've made this No-bake, black bottom peanut butter silk pie from Vegan with a Vengeance. Just sub in gelatin for the agar; powdered gelatin can be substituted for powdered agar measure for measure.
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Pavlova with whipped coconut cream. It looks fancy enough to be celebratory but actually is pretty easy and uses only egg whites so that should be ok for the iodine. The recipe I use is from a book but it's easy to find recipes online.
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I don't eat dairy, but have no info about iodine. Many cakes, including mixes, can be adapted by using orange juice or cider instead of milk. I regularly substitute corn oil for butter, with decent results. I have not tried olive oil cake, but it sounds tasty. Meringue doesn't require dairy, not sure about egg whites & iodine; the yolks seem to be a problem, not the whites. You can make a whipped topping from garbanzo liquid. Some genius should figure out a good way to make a whip with coconut & chickpeas.

Pavlovas are really yummy, as a mother, this has my approval.

Apple pie - use lard in the crust for great flavor. Angel food cake + mango + coconut sorbet. Brownies.
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Meringue cookies.
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Pavlovas with strawberries on top. Or the fruit topping of your choosing.
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Sea salt does not have iodine in it, so you can sub that in whichever recipe you choose. Many recipes say to adjust the amount if you're using sea salt rather than table salt, but I don't, I prefer to add salt to dishes later if needed, but I haven't found my baking to be profoundly affected by the non-adjustment.
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If she likes dark chocolate, there's two ingredient chocolate mousse.
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Sea salt has iodine - just not added iodine. Kosher salt does not have iodine.

As for desserts - go vegan(?), make from scratch and just leave out all salt to be safe.
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Fruit salad. Put it in pineapple coconut juice. Apple pie, use olive oil to make the crust, rather than butter.
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Pavlova is delicious, but if you've never made one before then I wouldn't advise it for a special occasion unless you have time for a trial run. They can be finicky if your oven/the egg whites/the weather/some other random thing is even slightly not right. I make them several times a year, and even with that experience I still sometimes have one fail.
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Best answer: For more vegan desserts, the author of Vegan with a Vengeance has a website with recipes. It's isachandra.com. Her desserts are really excellent in general.
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Best answer: You could make almost any dairy-free fruit pie, crumble or shortcake and serve it with Coconut Bliss ice cream. This is a good vegan pie crust recipe to sub if you already have a fruit pie recipe you like. This King Arthur Flour biscuit recipe (can be made with shortening and water) would be excellent with lots of fresh berries and slightly softened coconut ice cream.
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